About Me

Hi, Sheeba here. If you’re on this website – which you clearly are – then you probably know by now that not only am I a mom (of twin boys), but I feel like I was born to be.

So let’s skip over the details, and get to what else I am.

For now, I’m 32 years old. I live in Surrey, British Columbia, by way of Burnaby, British Columbia, where I was born and raised.

I went to school at Simon Fraser University (SFU). Three times. I have a two Bachelor’s Degrees, and a Master’s. Safe to say, I like school.

That’s partly why I became an elementary school teacher. But I also did that because I love helping little people become big people. Also, I like giving homework.

Kidding, of course. Nobody likes homework!

In my spare time, which I currently have none of, I would play hockey in a recreational women’s league. I would run, preferably not around tracks, but through streets. I would also make crafts and/or read.

I’m married to a man named Shaheed. We have – in addition to our twin boys – a video blog on YouTube, where there are many videos of us making fools of ourselves, and some memorable moments including the birth of our kids.

Writing is something I enjoy doing too, but don’t think I’m particularly good at it. So this blog is not only a way for me to document my thoughts and experiences through momhood, but also a way for me to overcome my own insecurities.

And hopefully have some fun while doing it.